Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Proposed change to the Permitted Development rules and what it means for you?

Hi all, as the whole world knows we are in a recession! We are seeing the current coalition government make cuts here and there to try and shore up the country’s balance sheet. They are also tasked with battling to boost the nation’s income. 
Most people know about the permitted development rules and what it means, currently one is allowed to construct a single story extension up to 3 m from the rear wall of a semidetached property and 4 m for detached property. Under temporary rules to be put in place next month, those limits will be doubled, meaning that many extensions currently require permission to go ahead immediately.
This news is excellent for you homeowners out there or anyone wanting to have an extension built, a single story extension mind you. I reckon this government seems to be having the right idea with this strategy, allowing the planning process to be skipped in this way means that all of us can avoid a whole load of red tape, and all of the other associated issues that go with trying to obtain planning permission. They are currently saying that this extension to the Permitted Development rules will be time-limited and will expire in 2015. We don’t yet know what will happen after the deadline of 2015, but for the time being if you’ve been putting the extension off why not visit to find out how we can help you with it.