Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Sixteen South West LTD (www.sixteensouthwest.co.uk), a dynamic, quality centric construction company and Home Improvements Guarantee (HIG UK) (www.homeimprovementsguarantee.co.uk) will be exhibiting at the Empty Property Expo 2014 being held at the Barbican in London, on Saturday19th July.

The trusted companies recently appeared on the BBC’s ‘Your Money’ programme in a feature highlighting how the cost of home improvements could double if professional builders need to be called in to solve botched DIY jobs. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26886833

Sixteen South West LTD is a building and construction company covering all Greater London postcodes. 

HIG UK provides consumers, builders and tradesmen with financial security on any job or project with a value of £2000 or above. Consumers who choose a HIG approved builder or tradesman benefit from a professional service and financial security.

The Empty Property Expo is a brand new tradeshow launched by AEP Media in collaboration with the East London Borough Councils. The aim of the show is to outline the opportunities available for bricks and mortar and introduce owners to service providers so they can realise the potential of the sub-region’s empty properties.

Speaking about the upcoming Expo, Keshava Raghubeer, Director of Sixteen South West LTD comments “we are looking forward to exhibiting alongside the HIG at the Empty Property Expo at London’s Barbican in July. Aimed at owners of empty properties in East London, it’s the first of its kind. The show will outline the grants that are available for owners to bring these properties up to a habitable standard. With the growing shortage of housing in London, we are pleased to be a part of this show”.

Visitors to the HIG UK stand can expect to meet celebrity builder Tommy Walsh. As an ambassador for the brand, Tommy will be alongside company director Harvey Ellingham. 


Sixteen South West LTD press contact and interview requests:
Keshava Raghubeer
0203 478 0923

Home Improvements Guarantee (HIG) press contact and interview requests:
Harvey Ellingham
01375 489 744 / 07970 166281

Friday, 18 January 2013

January 2013 CRASH Press Release - Sixteen South West Ltd


For immediate release


Sixteen South West Ltd (www.sixteensouthwest.co.uk), a fresh and innovative south of the river based construction company, is supporting construction and property industry charity CRASH (Construction Relief and Assistance for Single Homeless, www.crash.org.uk) with their work to help homeless people throughout the capital.

This assistance is in line with Sixteen South West’s commitment to raising awareness for social responsibility by giving something back to the community. CRASH was chosen because of its practical and industry leading approach to tackling the issues of homelessness in London.

Sixteen South West’s Keshava Raghubeer says; “Having a roof over our heads is something we probably all take for granted and in the current financial climate people can lose their homes in a flash. So because we believe that the key to helping our country out of this fiscal bad period is prosperity in the community, we have chosen to work with CRASH to do what we can for London’s homeless.”

According to the CHAIN database 5,678 people slept rough in London at some point during 2011-12, this is an increase of 43% on the previous year’s total of 3,975. Of the 5,678, 3,825 people were new rough sleepers, a 62 % increase compared to 2010-11. 1,199 people were seen sleeping rough for two or more years, a rise of 11 % since 2010-11, and 654 have returned to rough sleeping after a gap of a year or more, an increase of 22 per cent since 2010-11. These statistics depict the harsh realism that homelessness is on the rise and more should be done.

Emma Brophy from CRASH says; “CRASH is a unique and practical charity addressing the issues of homelessness by channeling the expertise, products and generosity of the construction and property industry to improve emergency night shelters, hostels, day and training centres and move on accommodation for frontline homeless agencies.  We do this by providing pro-bono on-site professional expertise, sourcing free building materials from patron and supporting companies and by awarding cash grants. CRASH receives no government funding.  As an industry charity we rely entirely on companies and individuals within the construction and property sector for support.”

Examples of CRASH’s work can be viewed on their website at www.CRASH.org.uk.

Sixteen South West Ltd press contact and interview requests:

Keshava Raghubeer
0203 478 0923

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Proposed change to the Permitted Development rules and what it means for you?

Hi all, as the whole world knows we are in a recession! We are seeing the current coalition government make cuts here and there to try and shore up the country’s balance sheet. They are also tasked with battling to boost the nation’s income. 
Most people know about the permitted development rules and what it means, currently one is allowed to construct a single story extension up to 3 m from the rear wall of a semidetached property and 4 m for detached property. Under temporary rules to be put in place next month, those limits will be doubled, meaning that many extensions currently require permission to go ahead immediately.
This news is excellent for you homeowners out there or anyone wanting to have an extension built, a single story extension mind you. I reckon this government seems to be having the right idea with this strategy, allowing the planning process to be skipped in this way means that all of us can avoid a whole load of red tape, and all of the other associated issues that go with trying to obtain planning permission. They are currently saying that this extension to the Permitted Development rules will be time-limited and will expire in 2015. We don’t yet know what will happen after the deadline of 2015, but for the time being if you’ve been putting the extension off why not visit www.sixteensouthwest.co.uk to find out how we can help you with it.